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Client results

We work with organizations whose online channels are critical to their success.

  • Outdoor sign about curbside pickup

    Collecting mobility responses to COVID-19

    7+ Non-profits

    Independent platform for collecting, synthesizing and sharing mobility initiatives to keeping the world moving during the global pandemic.

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  • Teen walking alone in hallway

    Fostering youth’s personal growth and success

    National Center for Juvenile Justice

    A new playbook for better outcomes for hundreds of thousands of young people facing probation.

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  • Delivery person riding bicycle

    Exploring impact of innovation

    Urbanism Next

    Urbanism Next studies impacts of emerging technologies—autonomous vehicles, e-commerce and the sharing economy—on our cities.

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  • Child writing at desk

    Improving student outcomes


    Online IEP compliance system designed specifically to streamline the path to tracking and improving student outcomes.

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  • Chicago skyline

    Advocating for affordable housing

    Chicago Rehab Network

    MacArthur Award winning CRN has been the leading voice for affordable housing in Chicago and Illinois since 1977.

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  • Seals of cities aroud the world

    Connecting 100 Resilient Cities

    The Rockefeller Foundation

    Enabling efficient exchange of experience as cities face the effects of globalization, urbanization, and climate change.

  • Colorful cards cataloguing unique behaviors

    Harnessing artificial intelligence


    Overhauling the user experience of a vastly powerful AI engine for legal discovery.

  • Deckc of science vessel at sea

    Studying change in ocean chemistry


    Facilitating online collaboration among policy makers, industry leaders, and researchers on ocean and coastal acidification.

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  • Commuter riding rapid transit looking at phone

    Highlighting how transit supports businesses

    Transit Means Business

    A collection of benefits and real-world case studies from companies making positive transit-based decisions.

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  • Map of US states

    Comparing foster care trends

    The Chronicle of Social Change

    A national state-by-state count of foster homes and families

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  • Illustration of drops falling in to glass of water

    Helping leaders manage drinking water

    Drinking Water 1-2-3

    A guide for leaders to better understand and proactively address their area's drinking water needs.

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  • Outdoor clock sculpture

    Showcasing a community

    Village of River Forest

    Crafting a fresh presence based on community input and real-world use cases.

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  • Map of municipalities around Chicago

    Exploring housing strategies

    Regional Housing Solutions

    Presenting new research on housing strategies and solutions in the Chicago area.

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  • Closeup of paper prototypes of donation form

    More than doubling fundraising


    Making donation forms more persuasive based on insights from usability testing and analytics.

  • Map of US counties

    Visualizing complex data

    Vera Institute of Justice

    Policymakers and researchers can compare 40 years of county and state incarceration trends.

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  • 3D rendering of projects along Chicago River

    Reinventing Chicago’s second coast

    Chicago River Edge Ideas Lab

    A showcase of ideas for revitalizing areas along the Chicago River

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  • Closeup of test tube and corn

    Focusing on innovation in energy

    CTE Global

    Analyzing every aspect of customer communications with a lens of alignment with business goals.

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  • Students smiling in Costa Rica

    Enabling global perspectives

    Associated Colleges of the Midwest

    Connecting educators and learners to advance liberal arts education globally.

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  • Scientists on boat in the arctic

    Photo: Haakon Hop

    Arctic scientists sharing knowledge

    IARPC Collaborations

    Multi-country research results, events, goals, and collaboration opportunities.

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  • Pharmacists looking at laptop in pharmacy

    Photo: Flickr user MC4 Army

    Simplifying complex ordering

    A Fortune 100 company

    A drug-ordering design—based on extensive user research—makes the process easier and pharmacists happier.

  • Group photo of members at annual meeting

    Connecting sustainability experts

    Urban Sustainability Directors Network

    Learning from others speeds the pace of innovation in this group of North American environmental professionals.

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  • Collage of headshots of people who have been helped

    Supporting a startup end-to-end


    Partnering on concept development, design, and technology for social good.

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  • Charts showing trends of detained juveniles

    Comparing juvenile justice stats

    Juvenile Justice, Geography, Policy, Practice & Statistics

    Tracking change in the US juvenile justice system landscape with detailed analyses of each state’s policies.

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  • Illustration of eight icons around central premise of investingin Chicago's future

    Defining a communications plan

    Metropolitan Planning Council

    Reaching consensus on communication strategies through a cooperative process. The website publishing system supports editorial review and approval.

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“advanced data visualization”

When we launched the Incarceration Trends Project we needed a technology partner that understood the nuances of justice system data and had the tools to develop an advanced data visualization. With Webitects, we had a partner that worked tirelessly with us to develop a product that shed new light on the outsized growth of jails in every American county.

—Christian Henrichson, Research Director, Sentencing and Corrections, Vera Institute of Justice


Working together for 2+ years

Design methods

Good design is about solving problems. For many years, we have used and created innovative ways to ensure that a website, application, or process performs well for its intended purpose.

  • Learning about audience motivations

    One-on-one interviews—using open-ended questions and conducted by experienced design researchers—reveal audience needs that will help separate your product or service from the pack or innovate in a new market.

  • Observing workers doing their jobs

    Watching how people do their jobs is very revealing. For instance, gaps in call center software can be discovered by examining the sticky notes that workers attach to their cubicle walls to help them do their work. Observing can also suggest ways to improve knowledge sharing, workflow, and even marketing messaging.

  • Involving leadership

    It’s important that the “right hand know what the left hand is doing.” That’s why we involve “C-level” decision-makers right from the start. Ongoing communication helps create designs that support business goals and organizational culture and get buy-in from leadership.

  • Testing usability

    We sit a typical audience member down in front of your website (or other product), give them a set of tasks to perform, and ask them to tell us what they’re thinking as they do the tasks. This process reveals problems with user interfaces, suggests ways to improve them, and can even glean marketing insights. It also settles arguments about what’s effective and what’s not.

  • Optimizing across channels

    These days, effective communication across multiple channels—website, search engine, targeted email, social media, and online advertising—must be creative, nuanced, and consistent. Our many years of experience in a variety of situations can help you figure this out.

  • Tailoring interfaces for every platform

    Success means providing audiences with easy-to-use, intuitive experiences no matter what screen size or device they use. To ensure this, we conduct extensive testing using a wide variety of devices, screen sizes, and an extensive library of device simulators.

  • Classifying content using card sorting

    A card sort is an exercise conducted with small groups of typical website users in order to learn where they expect to find particular types of content. This knowledge helps us develop an intuitive information architecture and supporting design.

  • Formulating and supporting a content strategy

    A smart organization creates content within a strategy that will advance its business goals. Strategies are very different for selling consumer products, sharing knowledge, or running a political campaign. We will help you create a strong content strategy and will build the supporting publishing tools.

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“beautifully designed”

Webitects knows how to take a client’s idea and make it even better. . . They take the time to help their clients clarify their goals. They deliver products that are beautifully designed as well as intuitive to use and maintain. Plus: they are really fun to work with!

—Mandy Burrell Booth, Former Communications Director, Metropolitan Planning Council


Working together for 18+ years

Technology platforms

A suite of flexible platforms underlies technology that is tailored for each project, when an off-the-shelf approach won’t do.

  • Knowledge sharing

    A secure, customizable, web application designed so networks of people who are working on similar problems can easily share their experiences, documents, ideas, and events.

  • Member management

    Manage membership applications and directories, including automated renewals. Handle event registrations and attendee lists. Flexible table assignments with attendee input. Abstract submissions with reviews and grading. Integrated payment processing.

  • Data visualization

    Interactive visualizations, including business dashboards—crafted with industry-leading frameworks—bring out the stories hidden in the data.

  • Email templates and audience segmentation

    Audiences can be segmented by purchase amount, category, time, promotional code and type, responses to Adwords campaigns, geography, and any combination of the above. Choose a template, crop images, write copy, and send. Lists can be randomized for testing.

  • Content management

    Staffs are very productive with our intuitive content management system. It’s extensible, flexible, and has editorial workflow with permissions.

  • E-commerce

    Desktop and mobile platforms with measurable, intuitive, checkout workflows. PCI-compliant.

Integration with trusted technologies

  • Adobe
  • Amazon Web Services
  • AngularJS
  • Bootstrap
  • Braintree
  • CSS3
  • DataTables
  • D3.js - Data Driven Documents
  • GitHub
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Maps
  • Highcharts
  • HTML5
  • jQuery
  • MailChimp
  • Mapbox
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MongoDB
  • PayPal
  • React
  • Redux
  • Redis
  • Salesforce
  • Sketch
  • Stripe
  • TinyMCE
  • Webflow
  • Webpack
  • Yarn

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“a firm pulse on the industry”

They methodically approach each project with enthusiasm and efficiency. Every resolution is fact based and incorporates the client’s needs, and in our case, customer buying behaviors. They are talented individuals with a firm pulse on the industry.

—Sarah Raettig, Director of Website Operations, The Art Institute of Chicago


Working together for 15+ years

Leadership team

Our team of experts work closely together to get the best results possible.

  • Paul Baker

    Paul Baker


  • Billy Belchev

    Billy Belchev


  • Bill Gatewood

    Bill Gatewood


  • Sandra Botello

    Sandra Botello

    UX Tester

  • Paul Morgan III

    Paul Morgan III

    Software Engineer

  • Rich Roslund

    Rich Roslund

    Cloud Architect

  • Nick Rougeux

    Nick Rougeux

    Design Director

  • Kobe Snyder

    Kobe Snyder

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Sebastian Stefaniuk

    Senior Data Visualization Engineer

  • Anna-Marie Tamayo

    Anna-Marie Tamayo

    Senior Integration Architect

  • Michael Tan Liao

    Michael Tan Liao

    Software Engineer

  • Vincent Tan Liao

    Vincent Tan Liao

    Senior Developer

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Webitects is hiring - Software Engineer (React / React Native)

“a valuable and fun experience”

Working with Webitects to design our website from scratch was a valuable and fun experience. We arrived with a vision, and after careful research, helpful storyboards, and a well-planned roll-out, we watched that vision become a reality. I can’t imagine working with a better team.

—Sara Bowden, Executive Team Leader, IARPC Collaborations,
White House Office of Science and Technology Policy


Working together for 3+ years

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